About Us

Baymet International Trade Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Mr. Okan Bayraktar who is in the sector since 1997. Company has been supplying industrial diamonds, metal powders, and auxiliary materials to diamond tool manufacturers from the beginning of its early years. Bronze, Copper, Tin, and Nickel Powders in 2005, Industrial Diamonds in 2006, Iron, Carbonyl Iron, Wolfram, Tungsten carbide Powders in 2007 and finally Cobalt Powders in 2010 have been added to our company product line according to industrial demand in market and as a result of years of survey on world’s high quality product supply points. These products are supplied from serious world leader companies all around the world. Key points in preference of these companies are;

Quality of the products,
Consistent Quality and
Consistency in supply chain.

Thanks to it’s focus on quality and it’s concern for customer satisfaction Baymet has become the leading company in Turkey